Susie Lee is in the middle of her first solo museum exhibition, “Susie Lee: Of Breath and Rain,’ at the Frye Museum in Seattle.

 The exhibition is made up of two installations, Rain Shower, 2007, and Still Lives: Exposure, 2010. These signature works “utilize a range of time-based media to explore the extraordinary richness of our human existence,” according to the Frye Museum.

Exhibit Curator Robin Held talked about Lee in an interview. “I often call her a new media sensualist because it isn’t about the bells and the whistles and the brand new toys,” Held said. “She sets something up where, often, the technology disappears so you can have an intimate experience with the work or we can have an intimate encounter within the work.”  

Susie Lee's Installation

Lee’s exhibit is receiving positive attention:

 “I stood in front of Annie … for a few minutes, watching her sleep off the pain of dental surgery from the day before, and couldn’t help feeling moved.” Laura Dannen, Seattle Metropolitan

 “Lee isn’t easily labelled” Florangela Davila,

“The quiet, meditative quality of Lee’s work enables an experience that is far more than purely visual.”

Shortly after completing her Master of Fine Arts, University of Washington, Lee was recognized by the Seattle Weekly as the “2006 Emerging Artist of the Year” for the “intelligence, emotion and sensuality” of her video art. Following her first solo exhibition at Lawrimore Project in 2007, Lee was named “An Artist to Watch” by the national publication Artnews. Lee’s work has been exhibited nationally, including at the Denver Art Museum, Denver, and Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, and internationally in Italy and at the Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea. She was the winner of the 2010 Stranger Visual Art Genius Award for her work in sculpture, video, and performance. In 2011, the Portland Art Museum selected her as one of the recipients of the Northwest Contemporary Art Award.

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